What’s your love language? What acts of love make you feel the MOST loved by your partner?

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, the best-selling author of “The Five Love Languages,” each of us have individual ideas of what love looks like, and it may even differ from your significant other’s.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s a great time to think about the way you both want to celebrate this year. We used Chapman’s book to help you find exactly the right thing.

Love Language #1: Words of Affirmation

Nothing says “I love you” more than the words themselves.

If “words of affirmation” are your love language, then you prefer to receive love in the form of…well, language. If your significant other loves it when you gush and shower them with compliments it’s because that’s what makes them feel secure and appreciated in your relationship.

A handwritten card or love note may be the best gift you could ever for this type of person.

Love Language #2: Acts of Service

Acts of service is actually my love language. I’m more of a “don’t talk about it, be about it” kind of girl. Actions speak louder than words in my opinion, and I believe that you can show someone you love them better than you can tell them. My husband is the same exact way. That’s one of the reasons why we click so well! However, I know that all relationships are different.

If your significant other is like my husband and I, the quickest way to their heart may be a home-cooked meal or taking mundane tasks off their plate (like chores or walking the dogs).

Love Language #3: Receiving Gifts

How can I best describe this love language? As long as you don’t show up empty-handed on days like Valentine’s Day, your partner will be one happy camper.

Gifts make this type of person feel most special when they’re meaningful and it is apparent that there was a lot of thought put into them. This could mean jewelry, bath and body products, or roses with a box of chocolates.

Love Language #4: Quality Time

This type of person doesn’t care much about gifts. All they want is your undivided attention every chance they can get it. Although you may not be able to spend all waking moments with them, they enjoy making long-lasting memories as much as possible.

With that in mind, an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for someone with this love language might be a candlelit dinner or a nice night out on the town.

Love Language #5: Physical Touch

If your partner prefers to receive love by way of intimacy they have an affinity for physical touch. There’s no better day than Valentine’s Day to give and show affection (other than your anniversary). Because of that, massages and foot rubs may be more of their style in terms of a gift!

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