Valentine’s Day is on its way, and for many, this “Hallmark holiday” seems to have lost its luster, but I, for one, still appreciate it. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to shower those I love with a little token of my affection. From extra special lunch box notes to an e-gift card for coffee to a creative date night – Valentine’s Day is a brilliant excuse to reconnect and invest in my most important relationships. 

So, before you let February 14th fall by the wayside – make a list of those who you would like to love on. From your significant other to your kids to the coworker who is struggling and your best galentines, get ready to give them a little love this Valentine’s Day. 

With your list in hand – you have at least three or four people to bless, right? – consider one of these free and cheap Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

Gift Ideas for Lovers

Annual Journal

A few years ago I started an annual journal for my husband. Rather than purchasing a card holiday after holiday I add to the journal instead. This year my entry will be a simple, but heartfelt, “10 Things I Love About You”.

Streaming Upgrade

Although it seems like a small thing, for months my husband has hemmed and hawed about adding HBO Max to our current streaming services. For Valentine’s Day I’m going to take the plunge and surprise him that we have a whole new batch of shows to binge watch, served up with his favorite beer and a plate of homemade lemon bars – his favorite!

Car Detail

I would venture to guess that acts of service are always a top notch gift among couples. Seeing that it takes time and thought and effort, it exudes love and care in the simplest of ways. This year I plan to detail my husband’s truck with a full vacuum, polish, and glove box organization. 

Gift Ideas For Friends

Starbucks E-Gift Card

This season Starbucks has the most darling e-gift cards that can be loaded and emailed directly to your gal pal. Imagine, if a free coffee popped into your inbox, wouldn’t you feel extra special?

Velvet Twist Headband

At less than $2 each, this bundle of velvet twist headbands are a perfect little token of style for each of your friends. Don’t forget to keep one for yourself!

Gift Ideas For Coworkers

Donuts For All

Nothing says love like a box of morning donuts! Krispy Kreme always has offerings with a fun flair of red, pink, and sprinkles. And I just love their new minis!

Special Coffee 

Stock the staff room with a box of fancy K-cups, new roast, or fancy creamers in honor of Valentine’s Day. 

Gift Ideas For Kids

Redbox Coupon

Did you know you can purchase and email or print Redbox coupons? You get 5 for $9 and paired with a bag of popcorn and candy treat, they make the perfect at-home movie night.

100 Things I Love To Do WIth You 

This picture book is 10x better than any card you could give. On the final page, add #101 with a photo and inscription of you and your little sweetheart as a personalized memento.

Instant Download Star Wars Valentines 

Skip a run to the store and snag these cute Star Wars valentines for your crew. Print them all and tuck them in their lunch box, on their bathroom mirror, as a bookmark in their current read. They’ll feel loved all day long!

Gift Ideas For Teachers

A Note of Appreciation

Nothing beats a heartfelt note of appreciation, especially for a teacher who has gone above and beyond. Include words of your own and words directly from your child; it will be a treasure.

Dinner Delivery

Remember, back in the day when you had a baby and people brought meals to your front porch? Wasn’t it such a relief? To complete a full day and then have dinner appear? Offer this support to your teacher with a post-school or front porch drop off. Be sure to ask about their favorites! And include dessert and paper plates for a sweet treat and easy clean up.

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