One factor that makes a good TV series is relatability. I don’t know about you, but after a long day, I want to watch something that will make me feel less alone, and maybe even laugh over the struggles I’m experiencing.

If you’re looking for a funny and heartfelt parenting show on Netflix or Hulu that understands what you’re going through as a parent, keep reading:

Workin’ Moms

“Workin’ Moms” is a comedic show about a group of friends who are all moms. In it, you’ll get to see lots of their parenthood struggles, from co-parenting to lice outbreaks to rebellious teenagers and more. This series also features relationship challenges, workplace problems, babysitters, and simply hilarious scenes that will have you nodding your head as you wholeheartedly understand what’s happening. You can watch “Workin’ Moms” on Netflix.

The Fosters

Foster children face additional challenges growing up, but receiving the same love they’d receive as a biological child shouldn’t be one of them. This important message is portrayed well in “The Fosters,” a show about two lesbian mothers, Lena and Stef, who parent foster children, adoptive children, and biological children all at the same time. With storylines related to family, being a teenager, growing up, experiencing discrimination, and more, this show is a must-watch. You can watch “The Fosters” on Hulu.

Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me!

“Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!” is a 2021 TV show about a single dad and his teenage daughter who just moved in with him. Starring Jamie Foxx, this show covers serious topics such as therapy, religion, privacy, parenting style, politics, and more in a humorous way. You can watch “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!” on Netflix.

Full House

“Full House” is one of those shows that pulls on your heartstrings in all the right ways. Possibly even bigger than its theme on parenthood is its theme on family as a whole. With the help of his brother-in-law, best friend, and other family members, Danny, a widower and dad, raises his three daughters. Exhibiting all the issues that come with not only being a parent but also growing up, each episode ends on a positive, inspirational note that’s sometimes cheesy but always heartwarming. You can watch “Full House” on Hulu or the spinoff (where the daughters are the parents) called “Fuller House” on Netflix.


An emotional and comedic show, “Parenthood” is about the lives and families of four adult siblings who have to work on improving their own lives as well as their children’s lives. This teen-approved show illustrates the complexity of relationships with compelling storylines and authentic characters. It also features several popular stars, such as Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, and Dax Shepard. You can watch “Parenthood” on Hulu.

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