HBO’s recently popular show, “The White Lotus,” is a must-watch. Filmed at a gorgeous Hawaiian resort, it’s filled with drama, interesting political commentary, and even some funny scenes. When I wasn’t caught up in the suspense or humor (and at times, relatability) of the show, I kept thinking, I need to go to this resort ASAP.

Did you catch yourself feeling the same way? We have good news: You actually can visit the resort! While it’s pricey, the amenities and location make it a dream vacation. Keep reading for all the details you need to know about staying there!

What’s the Name of the Resort, and Where Is It Located?

In the show, the hotel is called The White Lotus. However, in real life, the resort is the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. It’s located at 3900 Wailea Alanui Drive, Kihei, HI, 96753. The show’s scenes take place there and in the surrounding areas.

What Kind of Amenities Does It Offer?

The resort offers tons of amenities, including a spa, tennis, pickleball, cultural activities, programs for kids, artwork, a pool, cabanas, sanctuaries, a cardio area, shopping, golf, volunteer programs with rewards, and more. You may need to stay an entire month to enjoy it all fully!

The resort is also focusing more on holistic wellness now. Some options you can try include hangover IV drips, glamour IV drips, stress IV drips, and more. Guests who are 18 and older are eligible, though anyone over 65 needs a clearance form from their doctor. The prices generally range from around $60 to around $300.

Unfortunately, it’s basically for ballers only

Given the resort is famous and includes so many amazing amenities, the price is understandably (and unfortunately) quite high. Rates are anywhere from over $2,000 to over $16,000 a night, on average, in September. That range will differ, I’m sure, depending on the season. (AKA, you probably won’t see me there in the summer.) 

However, they do have featured offers on the website that are pretty nice! To find a reservation, check out the website here.

Does It look the same in real life as on the show?

The production designer, Laura Fox, told Variety she changed some of the indoor decor to fit the series’ vibe. However, the outdoor spaces will look pretty much the same.

Want to see pictures? The Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea has an Instagram with beautiful photos galore. The username is @fsmaui. Check out a couple of screenshots from the account below!

From Four Seasons Maui on Instagram @fsmaui
From Four Seasons Maui on Instagram @fsmaui
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