Editor’s Note: If you’ve ever met anyone who wears Rothy’s, you’ve probably met someone obsessed with their shoe. So we sought out an enthusiast to explain why. I’m still not sure about the price tag for recycled plastic, but we’ll let you be the judge.

My sisters and I just bought our mom another pair of Rothy’s for her birthday, a pair of spotted loafers. They are darling. The perfect pop to her neutral and jewel-toned wardrobe. Does she need more shoes? Surely not. Will she be thrilled when she unwraps her gift? Without a doubt! She loves Rothy’s as much as her three daughters!

Getting Hooked

I take all the credit for introducing my mom and sisters to our Rothy’s obsession. You see, a few years back I was on the hunt for the perfect black flat. The wear-all-day, extreme comfort, classic shoe that would see me through years of meetings, school gatherings, and date nights. I turned to social media – the quintessential crowdsourcing venue – and trusted a fellow shoe connoisseur when she pointed me to Rothy’s. “You’ll never look back,” I recall her sharing. She even offered me a $20 credit towards my first purchase – hook, line, sinker. How could I say no? Rothys has an amazing referral program allowing her to give me $20 and earn $20 for herself – such a brilliant way to spread the word if you ask me!

With over 3,000 positive reviews, Rothy’s black solid point quickly became my go-to shoe and I immediately started dreaming of my second pair. It took just one and I officially considered myself a Rothy’s girl.

Sticker Shock

But, at $145 – a little more/less for varying styles – Rothy’s are quite an investment. Granted, they’re on par with many other high end shoe brands like Tieks and Ecco, but I’ve never felt compelled to “collect” another brand of shoe.

 The Calculus

Here’s my logic when it comes to high end footwear … I could easily accumulate ten pairs of trendy $30 shoes on my weekly Target run, or I could save a bit, and acquire a more quality, timeless shoe. It’s the age-old quality over quantity conversation.

 And as I grow older, I’m all about that quality. 

Beyond the comfort, quality, and durability of Rothy’s I’m absolutely in love with their mission as a company: We’re inspired by the remarkable women of today, and we’re proud to craft sustainable styles that help them effortlessly move through their day. Yes and yes. Thank you, Rothy’s for fulfilling your mission day in and day out for countless women. You’re the real deal. It’s no wonder your shoes are making waves!

Rothy’s aligns well with my goal to purchase more eco-friendly products and I’m truly amazed at their sustainable manufacturing. Rothy’s 3D knits each pair of shoes (and their new line of bags) with a signature thread made from millions of ocean-recovered water bottles. Because of their unique structure, Rothy’s are completely washable! Yep, if they get a scuff or start to smell a smidge funky you can just pop them in the washing machine. How brilliant is that? I’ve yet to have a smell issue with mine though. And, an unladylike as it sounds, I’ve been known to stink up a shoe or two!With free shipping, free returns, and a generous discount program for first responders, medical professionals, and teachers, Rothy’s offers not only a product you’ll love, but they’re a company you can fully get behind 100%. What Rothy’s will be first in your shopping cart? I have my eye on the grey camo sneaker next!

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