There are a number of stores that you can walk into with strict intentions of buying one item and then no matter what find yourself leaving having spent at least $100 (I’m looking at you Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Home Depot). But then there is another level up, a store that is impossible to resist but almost never do you actually need anything from it: Home Goods.

Home Goods is both my mecca and my nemesis.

Mood elevator

When in a bad mood, a walk around Home Goods is the tonic that can turn it around. Even as I write this it still seems pretty strange to me, after all it is just a store. But I think what I love about it is that it is filled with beautiful things and possibilities. You walk through and look at that outdoor drinks set with that cooler that has siding that looks like reclaimed wood, that and a few lanterns with candles and you would have a relaxing, romantic outdoor oasis.

If you could constantly remodel your house with the latest seasonal items, trends, colors, wouldn’t that be fun? So it’s great to walk through and just imagine what could be. It also smells good (if only I could get my house to smell like scented candles all the time).

The darker side

The problem with home goods is that when you do start buying stuff and bringing it home, it’s not usually the same as in your imagination. It can be a slippery slope because there is always at least one more item that would finish off whatever look you are going for just perfectly. Before you know it, you have clutter, no place to store and excess of seasonal things and you seek refuge… Back to Home Goods! Yes, clearly I have a problem.

The confusing part

If you can figure out a way to reign in your unnecessary purchases, Home Goods can be worth it just to see what the absurdity of the day is. It can get pretty strange. I mean why are there porcelain gorillas with golden crowns, available in both black and white? What about the giant colorful canoe that was up front for a while? Huge golden jaguar statues? An actual rickshaw? Who buys this stuff? Where do they put it? I really need to know.

If you are one of these people, or know one – comment on our YouTube channel here, we’d really like to know!

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