If you’re among the large percentage of women who at least occasionally drinks alcohol, then you’re probably also among the percentage that experiences the not-so-fun morning after feelings. We surveyed women to find out how they bounce back from a night out and have compiled hangover cures and tips from real women age 29-56, ranging from smart and logical to sounds-crazy-but-it-just-might-work.

Hair of the Dog

“Tomato soup, or anything with a tomato base. That’s why a Bloody Mary is a popular hangover remedy.”

-Maria, 56

“Beer with the next meal you eat the next day. Jump starts your liver back!!”

-Jessica, 32

Raid your kids’ medicine cabinet:

“Pedialyte and a prescription migraine pill at the end of the night. (Oh! And Alka Selzer!!)”

-Sally 53

“Pedialyte! Drink a full bottle before bed with some aspirin and you’re golden in the morning!”

-Kim, 31

“Three Excedrin migraine, a Benadryl, couple of Tums. McDonalds Coke, some Triscuits, and sip Pedialyte all day. Try to sleep as much as possible, and if that’s just not possible, all of the above plus some good moisturizer, blush, and mascara.”

-Frankie, 39

The Secret is Your Food Choice

“Pho. Try to eat all of the broth and a good few bites of noodles. If you can’t stomach the meat, that’s okay. It’s all about that medicinal broth anyway! Another good broth soup is Seolleong Tang, a Korean ox bone soup. Again, it’s all about the broth, but have some noodles too!”

-Sahar, 32

“NYC bodega bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a hard roll with BOTH a large coffee and Diet Coke.”

-Jolean, 45

“Water, water, water….while drinking if disciplined, but definitely before bed if not. Crackers and Diet Coke are magic—and I swear by Mexican food the day of the hangover if you can do it!”

-Disashter, 49

“Instant ramen—the original chicken kind. The ramen brings me back to life and I have no idea why. The sodium?”

-Lindsay, 34

“Processed cheese just before bed. I swear it coats the stomach and shields you from being sick in the morning.”

-Tosh, 35

“Can of Coke & McDonalds hamburger, plus copious amounts of marijuana.”

-Ab, 41

“Cooking up a snack of pasta with hot spicy seasoning when my husband and I get home toasty was recommended by his sister and it works! Also, I keep a glass of water next to the bed just in case of an overnight thirst attack. I try to avoid pills, but if it’s important to be fit the next morning, a couple Ibuprofen before bed can help as well.”

-Erika, 35

“Gatorade and activated charcoal pills.”

-Lauren, 31

Plan Ahead

“My tips are more related to avoiding a hangover in the first place—hydrate!! While drinking, have a glass of water after every alcoholic beverage.”

-Kathy, 50

“Multi-B vitamin, vitamin C, or Emergen-C, and a big glass of water before bed help prevent a rough next day. Also, I stop drinking at least an hour before I go to bed.”

-Kate, 35

“Liquid IV: one packet before a night out and then one packet right before I go to bed. It really helps!”

-Jessica, 30

Consider How You Spend Your Day


-Lois Slain, 45

“Okay…so first off I think any hangover cure’s effectiveness can only go so far! Herbal teas, especially ones that can help with digestion and hydration; mint, fennel, licorice root, ginger. I like coconut water as well. Sleeping more, and getting out for a short walk to some trees or a beach if I’m up for it!”

-Cayley, 34

“Phone on sleep mode, Notting Hill, and a container of Oreos.”

-Sam, 36

*some names are aliases, because what happens at cocktail hour, stays at cocktail hour

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