No matter how fashion-forward we might consider ourselves to be, once we hit a certain age, it’s not uncommon to suddenly start feeling a bit of self-doubt about our style choices. Is that outfit too old? Too young? Are short skirts still okay? Bikinis? Can I still pull off skinny jeans and if so, what do I pair them with?

The short answer is that regardless of age, you can wear whatever you want! Society and the world at large have tried to dictate women’s clothing choices for far too long, so letting go of antiquated notions of what is and isn’t appropriate as we get older is really the first step toward fashion freedom. 

Regardless of how you choose to express yourself, an outfit that makes you feel beautiful and confident is truly the pinnacle of personal style.

If you’re looking for inspiration, these over-40 Instagram fashionistas not only give you the okay to wear what makes you feel good, they offer some great tips on how to make today’s looks really pop.


Alison Gary’s background in visual merchandising and personal shopping shines through every one of her posts, making her a must-follow for anyone looking to revamp their wardrobe. 

The 46-year old wife and mother offers advice on capsule wardrobes, corporate looks, plus-size, and budget finds, with the motto of “quality, not quantity.” I love that she comments often about body positivity, and that she’s never afraid to rock a bikini.


Style maven Nicole Feliciano launched her blog, Momtrends, in 2007, after a successful career in the fashion industry, where she worked as a buyer for Ralph Lauren. She regularly puts together some amazing clothing options, as well as offering tips on health, beauty and fitness, and of course everything trending for moms (hence the name!).

 While her Instagram page is loaded with fashion, it also has extras like healthy recipes, new beauty products, and little slices of her personal life to keep things real.


After seeing that a lot of the popular fashion influencers out there were in their 20’s, Tiffany Davros decided to create content geared toward women over 40. Her blog showcases workable outfits, featuring everything from high-end pieces to affordable finds, as well as beauty products, travel, and wellness. Her Instagram pages feature tons of great looks, and she includes outfits for every occasion, even loungewear and pajamas!


British blogger Catherine Summers started her blog, “Not Dressed as Lamb” with the advent of her 40th birthday. 

Her following has since grown by leaps and bounds, and she won the UK Blog Awards for fashion two years in a row. With the mantra of “who wants to be age-appropriate, anyway” her fashion choices tend to be colorful, whimsical and just plain fun. She also includes plenty of tips on health, beauty, and fitness, as well as the occasional candid pic of her adorable dog.


Influencer Paula Sutton makes being 50+ look fabulous, with stunning style and a warm, friendly tone. 

After leaving her glamorous London fashion industry career for a more settled life in the English countryside, she now focuses on finding “little pockets of peace” in a noisy world, sharing not only her top fashion finds, but also her beautiful home and garden. 

Her blog is a little bit of everything, from table settings to Esty finds to beauty looks, and she also recently published a book, “Hill House Living” which offers insight into living a more joyful life.

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