While Generation Z may be known for our excessive use of Tik Tok and revolutionary attitudes, we also pride ourselves in our ability to accept and respect all people for who they are, so the first thing you should know about us is we’re probably not judging you for what you wear. In other words, the first thing that might make you seem old, is worrying about whether that’s the impression you are giving off.

That said, we have some advice that might be useful.

Avoid the Side Part and Skinny Jeans

While there are few looks that Gen Z considers out of style, the ones that normally spark the most debate are trends from the past decade. While the side part is a classic look it feels dated in a similar way that skinny jeans do and can make one look much older than they are.

The same can be said for items like long thin cardigans and Uggs. This is true for many staples of the 2000’s and 2010’s. Looks that were popular almost a decade ago aren’t considered old enough to exude a vintage vibe and instead feel just plain old.

I think the reason most of these pieces are considered out of style is because many from Gen Z were in middle school when these trends occurred and who wants to look like their middle school self? Those are the years most of us want to forget.

No More Thin Eyebrows

Big, bushy, and bold eyebrows are in fashion. Thin eyebrows can often be associated with older beauty standards and can make someone appear older in the eyes of Gen Z.

The makeup industry has spent quite a lot of time promoting eyebrow enhancing products and as such having thicker eyebrows can make one seem more modern. Tip: If you are blond and want to maintain definition in your brows you should consider getting them dyed.

Take a Cue from Lizzo (Feeling Good as Hell)

The key to being fashionable for my generation is feeling good and empowered in what you wear. Striking colorful eyeliner and half bleached cropped hair isn’t for everyone and the same can be said of every fad.

When exploring the fashion of Gen Z, one will see an extensive range of options from tight corsets to long dresses reminiscent of the Victorian Era. The one constant is that we strive to project confidence by dressing and styling ourselves in a way that’s authentic to who we are.

Go Thrifting

One of Gen Z’s favorite pastimes is going to the thrift store. Not only do the deals cater to a wide range of budgets but you can always find unique statement pieces that are either wacky or classic enough to articulate your style. Going to a thrift store forces you to challenge your understanding of clothing and allows you to really think outside of the box. I know that whenever I go thrifting my goal is to find pieces that are so particular that they would be difficult to find anywhere else. Forming a collection of special items and incorporating them into your already existing wardrobe can liven up your overall style.

Don’t Over Powder

Makeup is a great place that one can experiment with their look but one common mistake is the overuse of powder. While full coverage foundation and powder is a must for makeup gurus, in my experience most young adults apply a light base in favor of expressing their style through colorful eyeshadows or bold lips. The over-applying of powder is not always necessary and can make one’s skin appear dry instead of smooth when overused.

Highlight is Your Friend

Highlighter is a product that has been popular for a while but it is still not something everyone is aware of. Adding a small amount of highlighter to your cheekbones, nose, and cupids bow is a great way to lighten up your face.


While growing up I was always under the assumption that blush wasn’t a necessary item in my make up routine. Now, however, many find the presence of pink blush around the cheeks as well as the tip of the nose a crucial step in crafting a complete look.

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