Whether you color your hair or have remained the same since childhood we all begin to notice the signs of aging in our hair: Once thick tresses begin to thin and lose shine. Hair may not grow as fast and it can even get brittle before it has a chance to grow out of a haircut, and hair that was once full and bouncy may start to seem dull and drab. Just as one needs to change a skincare regimen to provide extra moisture and smoothing to aging skin, if you’ve begun to notice a difference in your hair, it’s time to switch up your haircare routine.

Color Me Gray

Many women who color their hair joke they don’t even know what color it is. But it’s no joke: Color-treated or natural, hair loses pigment as we age. If you have been coloring your hair at a salon, your stylist knows how to adjust the color to last longer on hair that has grayed. If you color at home, however, it’s time to find a color specially formulated to adapt to the grays that are mixed in with your hair color, such as Revlon’s ColorSilk and Clairol’s Nice ‘n Easy.

Strengthen Your Locks

Hair that is thinning and becoming more brittle with every passing year is less likely to bounce back from too much blow drying and styling wands. It is best to reduce the heat and give hair a chance to keep its elasticity. There are some tricks to help your hair:

  • Use tools on the lowest setting
  • Air-dry when possible
  • Use satin pillowcases to reduce breakage
  • Be sure to get plenty of protein and biotin in your diet, such as dairy, eggs and nuts. (You can also take a biotin supplement daily.)

Evaluate Your Products

Using shampoos and conditioners with proteins, such as Tresemme’s Keratin Smooth 7-Day Smooth System, can give your hair a boost and shine from the outside—and help smooth out broken flyaways. Using a leave-in keratin hair mask, such as Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask, once a week may also help restore weakened hair and increases shine.

Check Your Water

Hard water that leaves a strong film in your shower can also leave build up in your hair. If you are filtering your water to drink, be sure to filter it for your precious mane. Salons suggest cleansing rinses to help wash away the minerals from your water, such as R + Co Acid Wash ACD Cleansing Rinse, which uses an apple cider vinegar base. You can also combat those minerals by installing a filter showerhead, such as the Culligan WSH-C125. (It claims to reduce the minerals and chemicals in your water up to 99 percent.)

Go Brazilian

Brazilian women’s long, sexy locks, are attributed to the use of natural oils and butters. There are shampoos and conditioners with Brazil nut oil, coconut oil or pequi oil that can help your tresses get that healthy exotic glow. You can also add oils or Cupuacu butter directly to the hair after washing or styling. Turning to the natural elements of the rainforest has led women to the most luscious of manes. (Think Giselle Bundchen!) Considering the country introduced us to a Brazilian blowout, trusting their use of natural ingredients could have you feeling like you have salon hair, every day.

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