2019 was one of my best years ever. That January 1st I was prepped and ready with a list of attainable goals. They were goals that were specific, outlined, and ready to be achieved if I stuck to each benchmark. Month by month I chipped away at them – diligently training and running my first half marathon, reading at least 30 minutes a day to reach my 100 book goal, and decluttering and selling items from our home to fund a special mother-son trip to Disneyland. Basically, I was the definition of a goal-getter. In 2019 I was on fire!

The Derailing

With so much success that year I went into 2020 with an impressive list of action items. I was going to maintain while striving for more. All. Year. Long. Then, well, you know … 2020 kind of threw us all for a loop.

By mid-year I had abandoned my annual goals. 2020 was obviously a year lay low, to

survive. And survive I did. With more walks than runs and less books but still some new favorites. The goals I had added? Well, there is always next year. They were officially on pause.

What Now?

And that brings us to this year. Despite 2021 starting off less than ideal, I do believe this year still has some potential. For starters, I am not expecting a whole lot, so I am able to approach this year with pretty fair expectations. Low but fair. There is still an opportunity to reasonably accomplish a few things regardless of how this year plays out. With this line up of goals, I don’t 

think I’ll have to pause mid-year… No matter what.

As you assess what this year will be like for you, here is a look at a few of the realistic and reasonable goals I’ve set for my 2021 to help kick me back into gear. Be inspired! Choose a few small, but meaningful goals that you too can work to achieve no matter what this year yields.

Read for Fun

In past years I’ve set a number goal for how many books I want to read and listen to. However, this year, I’m not tying myself to a specific number. Rather, I am going to read and listen purely for enjoyment and tie my reading goal to simply finishing a complete series – the Anne of Green Gables books! There are eight in all, so that’s less than a book a month. Plenty of time to dive into Anne’s world and fit in a few others must-reads as they come along.

Treat Myself

For years now I’ve toggled between a piece of mom jewelry that either has my kids’ 

birthstones or their names engraved. This year, I’m going for it. One or the other … or both. I’m clicking “order” in 2021.

Walk More, Consistently

I’d love to say that I’m going to workout regularly or even walk seven times a week, but that just isn’t where I’m at right now. So, four times a week of walking it is. Some walks might be outside, some might be on my dusty ol’ treadmill. Some I might take alone, others I might call a “date” and take along my husband or one of my kids. However each walk turns out, I’m lacing up my shoes and getting my walk on.

Organize My Photos

I’ll be honest, this is probably my stretch goal for the year. If only because I know it is going to be such a BIG project. But, if I make any headway, I’ll consider that a success. My hard drive currently holds almost 100,000 photos from the last decade. So, here goes nothing! I need to cull, sort, categorize, print, and better store my photos going forward. Wish me luck!

Upgrade My Sleepwear

Remember how I said small goals were a big part of my year? Well, this is definitely a small one, but I’m honestly super excited about the outcome! In 2021 I am going to slowly but surely upgrade my pajama drawer – chic, matching, yet cozy sets are the plan. No more raggedy t-shirts for me! I already ordered my first pair!

Weekly Family Fun

Our Christmas was full of board game gifts – Azul, Sagrada, Phase 10, a new, fancy Scrabble, and more. To help break those games in we’re committing to a weekly family board game night this year for 52 nights of fun and laughter … probably pizza too. It’s the perfect way to spend time with those we love most.

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