Atypical has just released its fourth and final season on Netflix and I have a lot of thoughts!

I found this fun dramedy last summer during quarantine and couldn’t help but feel a little bit better after binging all 28 available episodes. It was to my disappointment that after the season three credits rolled the words “Atypical will be back for a Final Season” appeared on the screen. 

Even though I have seen that last season (and a majority of my feelings are positive) I am still sad Netflix decided to cancel such a heartwarming and impactful series. 

The Premise – Spoiler Free 

The show centers around Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum, and depicts the challenges he faces growing up and looking for love. While Sam is the main character, as the series progresses, Atypical doesn’t shy away from giving his parents Doug and Elsa, and his sister, Casey their own moments in the spotlight. 

The way Atypical is able to keep the story light-hearted while also expressing the struggles some on the spectrum and their families deal with, keeps the show feeling real and purposeful. The show’s dramedy format allowed it to create such a unique balance of fun and sincerity that makes any viewer walk away from the TV feeling content but also craving more. 

Without spoiling too much, the series provides more representation than I initially expected, and seeing each character evolve and confront the parts of themselves that scared them, made watching the final season feel complete. 

Sam, Casey, Doug, and Elsa all offer the viewer something to relate to and you can’t help but identify with many of the daily problems they face. Each character is well thought out and their development over the seasons gives one the impression that the writers knew where they wanted each story to go since the first episode. 

Season 4 – Spoilers for Seasons 1 to 4 

While I did enjoy watching the final season and seeing the characters achieve major life goals and overcome obstacles they had been struggling with since the start, some parts of it felt extremely rushed. Casey’s struggle with anxiety and Paige’s fight to find a career that worked for her felt a little off at certain times. At points during this season, it felt almost like plotlines were being started that were not adequately wrapped up by the last episode (although while the show ended these characters’ lives did not so I guess it makes sense that some things remained unresolved).

I really wish that Netflix had given this show another season but I am happy that we were able to get closure. I loved getting to see Casey explore her sexuality more and watching Sam attempt and eventually succeed in traveling to Antarctica was the most joyful and full-circle moment of the series.

Do I Recommend? 

I recommended this show to everyone! No matter what kind of genre you prefer, I think that anyone can and will find something meaningful to take away from this series. Atypical’s focus on both the lives of teenagers Sam and Casey and parents Doug and Elsa will appeal to a wide age demographic in the same way Gilmore Girls does. 

I would love to see more shows like this on Netflix. Stories that highlight voices that often go unheard and depict the everyday challenges that those people face. While Atypical may be over, it has certainly made a lasting impression on me and will always have a special place in my heart.

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