Although fall doesn’t *technically* begin until Tuesday, September 22nd I have been counting down the days until its blessed arrival since early August. While some might be diehard summer lovers – I mean, summer does have its perks – I am an autumn girl through and through.

I don’t wait for the official start of autumn to fully and completely fall in love with the season. Nope, I have a different, earlier mark.

In my world, once Starbucks releases their quintessential pumpkin spice latte, I declare it officially fall! Do you? Call me a summer hater, but pumpkin anything equates to fall and well, you see what I mean. When pumpkin spice lands fall begins! It only seems natural. This year the pumpkin spice latte debuted earlier than ever … August 25th. Hallelujah! I suppose the geniuses at Starbucks assumed that the quicker we could move through 2020 the better. Hence, bring on fall and all its glories.

Granted, I usually order my good ole PSL iced for quite a while. Ninety degree days will practically force you to do that. But whether you opt for a classic hot beverage, the cold brew twist, or a pumpkin spice frappuccino the fact is, pumpkin has arrived and thus so has the beautiful autumn season. 

Even if all things pumpkin isn’t your jam – there is so much to adore about fall. Truly. Here are a handful of whys, in my book, fall is the ultimate season of the year:

Fall is a No-Stress Season

There are no major holidays during the fall season. Well, technically some December days are considered fall, but really, in my mind, December is 100% winter! My point is, during the autumnal months I don’t have to clean for any major events, buy gifts, or decorate beyond a few spiders, falling leaves, and jack-o-lanterns (or my favorite, white pumpkins on the front porch!). Fall is low/no prep and I love that calm feeling.

Fall Means New Wardrobe

Scarves, boots, cozy sweaters … I love it all. As much as I try to embrace my mom bod in the summer, there is definite comfort in a full coverage, layered outfit.

 Fall Treats

Whether it be a pumpkin spice latte (and/or pumpkin scone!), back to school supplies to freshen up your office, or Halloween candy favorites – fall is all about recognizing that you deserve a little splurge after a hectic summer schedule.

 Back to Books

I love a good book, but summer is always busy, busy, busy. Cue the changing season and snuggling in a blanket or slipping into a quiet bath to read sounds like perfection. Even my older kids are keen to sit and listen to a family read aloud more in the fall. And yes, I absolutely read aloud to my very competent readers – it’s such a peaceful activity to do together and opens the door for important conversations.

The Gorgeous Colors

There is just nothing like the changing and falling of leaves as summer transitions to the bareness of winter. I honestly stand in wonder each autumn as brilliant greens morph to yellows, then oranges, and finally vibrant reds. Because of nature’s gorgeous backdrop fall is also my favorite time to snap family photos; casual or professional.

Back to Routines

Back to school is different this year but it still offers a return to routine. Everyone is waking at a regular time, committed to their daily tasks, and in bed before midnight … hopefully.

Sipping Soup

Oh yes! Bring on the best food group in the world! Once the weather cools down I’m ready to eat soup for every meal – zuppa toscana (one of the best Whole 30 soup recipes you can make), my sister’s famous lentil chili, Italian wedding soup, beef barley with homemade stock (another reason the Instant Pot is a gamechanger), and Panera’s Autumn Squash Soup. Can’t forget the perfect pairing of grilled cheese and tomato soup too!

New Hopes and Dreams

I try not to leave next year’s planning to January; and definitely not the hullabaloo that is the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Instead, come fall I start a Notes section on my phone to begin brainstorming and dreaming about what I hope might come in the next year. Whether intentional goals or mere prays and wishes, having an entire season to jot down ideas helps hone in what my next year should really look like … which, seeing how 2020 has gone, I’m ready for just about anything in 2021!

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