In the dawn of this new age, emphasis has been placed on self-care and safe spaces. Women are now asking themselves, “Do I have enough spoons? Is this emotional labor worth it?” And of course, there are dietary changes, such as going Keto, as well as physical engagements, like power yoga or hikes in nature.

What isn’t discussed as heavily, however, is taking some me time when it comes to a very important personal relationship: the one you have with yourself.

Me Dates aren’t necessarily a foreign concept, but they are a concept that isn’t wildly accepted, especially for women. Our society is still rooted in traditional norms. Sure, women may not need escorts when going on a date, but the idea of going out alone for a social activity, or god forbid, traveling, is nearly unheard of.

Whether you are in a relationship or single, taking yourself out from time to time can do wonders for your self-esteem as well as your emotional wellbeing. Gentle readers, please allow me to walk you through one of my Me Dates:

Dress Up – Optional

You can definitely dress up for you. If it makes you feel good, I say go for it. However, as someone in a relationship, I dress up when going out already. So for my me dates, I feel pretty good wearing sweats and a hoodie. This is for me; I’m not trying to impress anyone after all.

Go to your favorite restaurant 

I love Thai food like nobody’s business. I love to find new Thai places, but when it comes to my Me Date, I don’t mess around. The point is for me to be happy and not try too hard, so I almost always go to my favorite haunts and order my favorite dishes. I want to indulge in what is comforting and delicious, and the unknown is better served for another day.

Have a drink

This is by no means a suggestion to go on a bender, but one cocktail can be relaxing. This is an area where I will try something new, unless there’s a special going on (most restaurants have $5 margaritas or $5 Mai Tais on Tuesdays. If you can make your Me Date on a Tuesday, you can also save a lot of money).

See a Movie

My Me Dates began many moons ago when I wanted to see a movie, and my friends couldn’t get it together. I finally was like, “Forget this; I’ll go by myself.” That’s how my Me Date journey began. And it was lovely. This is also where Tuesdays are a good idea, as movie tickets nationwide may vary, but they’re usually under $9 all day (excluding specialty movies, such as IMAX or 4DX).

Try something new

If movies aren’t your bag or there’s nothing good out, try something new.  For a future Me Date, I plan to go air skydiving or visit a petting zoo.  Yes, that’s right. A petting zoo.  Because I like animals and feeding them and petting them gives me great joy.

My Latest Me Date

On my last Me Date, I saw a movie, then went to a great burger restaurant.  Instead of my usual, I opted for something new on the menu and loved it.

 I decided to take a walk in the well lit parking lot before getting in my car.  It is recommended to walk fifteen minutes right after eating to help digestion, or at least, that’s what my cousin Cendrine told me. It started as a walk, until I saw a grocery cart, far away from the cart corral. I pushed it over. Then I saw more carts. Before I knew it, I had pushed about 100 carts, some stacked in fours, in about twenty-five minutes. My heart rate was up, and my mind was clear.  A mindless activity that served my purpose of distraction, exercise, and helping whomever had to gather those carts at the end of their shift. By the end of the night, I felt great.

What will your Me Date look like? Are you ready for a local adventure with yourself?

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