This year is shaping up to be one of the calmest Christmases in the history of Christmases. My husband’s work party is indefinitely postponed, my kids aren’t performing in a Christmas concert, and there is no traditional trip into the city to see the Nutcracker. 

Oh, and my evening shopping trips to stock up on gifts? This year 90% of things I’ll wrap are arriving at my door thanks to the hardworking delivery folk. I’m disappointed; and yet, looking forward to something different.

Despite missing out on our normal holiday outings, I am truly excited for this at-home Christmas. This year we’ll be making new memories together. Good memories. Memories that might mark this year as one of the best. Maybe even some new traditions? Because, ya’ll, an at-home Christmas has a lot of potential.

Rather than wish this year away, my family and I are going to embrace the opportunity to ring in the at-home cheer this Christmas. No Grinches allowed! Here are a few activities we have up our sleeve …

Make Hot Cocoa Bombs

This year, hot cocoa bombs are all the rage. Of course, you can buy them … but why … when you can make them! It’s a little technical, but nothing you can’t manage and definitely something everyone will enjoy. This tutorial and video recipe from Owl B Baking is A+!

Snuggle in For a Movie Marathon

With your hot cocoa bomb drinks in hand, snuggle in for a movie marathon. It doesn’t have to be a Christmas film either. Instead, pick a timeless trilogy like Anne of Green Gables, the Oceans series, or all the Harry Potter movies. Watch them all in a day or spread them out over a few – you’ll definitely make memories soaking

Follow a Holiday Watercolor Tutorial

Create holiday memories with a family paint-along! Let’s Make Art has some beautiful designs with full lessons posted online. So get out those paints and paper, turn on a little holiday Bing Crosby, and paint together. We particularly love to practice our artwork on this postcard size watercolor paper because then we can easily put our art to use.

Learn to Knit or Crochet

What better time to pick up a new handicraft like knitting or crocheting! Order some pretty yarn, needles, or a hook and utilize the goldmine of YouTube to make a scarf or hat.

Host a Christmas Playlist Competition

Who can mix up the best Christmas playlist? You? Aunt June? Your tween-age son? Tell family far and wide to build their perfect playlist of 10-15 songs – Spotify is a great place to host and share multiple playlists – and then call a vote! Nothing like a little healthy competition to ring in the season with a festive soundtrack.

Research a Recipe Inspired from Your Heritage

Although my grandma has passed, memories of her German cooking around the holidays are strong within our family. Without her here to teach us we will have to do a little research, but this year we plan to get in the kitchen and create some sweet and savory recipes inspired by our family’s heritage. You can too! 

Run or Walk a Family Jingle Bell 5K

Dress up and get your exercise on! If your family is competitive, make it a true 5K with prizes for the winner, or, just bundle up and rock a 3.1 mile route together on a wintry weather walk.

Adopt a Senior

So many seniors are spending the holidays alone this year. Connect with one through a nursing home, church, or even your HOA and adopt them! Drop off treats, surprises, and notes to brighten their day.

Forage Supplies for a DIY Wreath

In year’s past my daughter and I have taken a wreath making class to don our front door with a Christmas wreath. This year we are flying solo though! We will be foraging from the backyard and attempting to remember all the tips and tricks from years past. This is an awesome resource if you give a DIY wreath a go yourself.

Prepare for Next Year

Don’t wait to turn the calendar to January to assess your goals for next year. Start brainstorming now and then use the week after Christmas to finalize the steps you’ll take to make it all happen. This is such a fun, eye-opening activity for families to do together. Introduce SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely) to help guide the way and get ready to rock 2021!

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